We firmly believe that quality people
create quality experiences.

Who hasn't been nicely surprised by a waiter's friendly service?
A hair dresser's personal attention? A receptionist's kind words?
Who hasn't been willing to go back somewhere simply because of the warm welcome they received?

No matter what we experience, the quality of that moment is always directly related to the quality of the people who are part of this experience, or make it happen.

That's why we emphasize the human qualities first and foremost.

Les visages de Kikiloue

Lauren Cavatore

Logistics Chief

- Is a regular to beer & trivia parties, love Christmas movies, prefers tiramisu when it is overloaded with mascarpone cheese.

- Requests on a daily basis that 257 Excel worksheets be completed with high accuracy, to the utmost despair of her co-workers.

- As a former geek, she takes great pleasure in updating the website as soon as a new idea is launched.

Cassandra Conti

Communication Chief

- Does not tolerate being disturbed during a film commercial.

- Has a hard time with critics against Michel & Augustin, Oasis and Netflix.

- Would prefer to move the office to Emilies and The Cool Kid despite the persistent refusal of her co-workers.

Jérémy Ritz

Marketing Chief

- Generally suspected, for good reasons, when Bic pens disappear.

- Able to do 5-digit mental calculations in less time than it would take you to give the change on 10 euros.

- Only accepts locations with exposition to full South, South / Southeast or South / Southwest.